Being Religious About Reality, a Layman Poem

I am most def against religious thinking about reality of any sort. There is no room for mystics anymore. However, the religious experience, the collective experience of religion, why can’t we keep that? I think we should, but we should target these emotions towards reality. Daniel Dennett askes and answeres the question “what should replace religion?” in a compelling way. Check it out!

I recently made a post at my other blog PlsVisit! on a couple of videos which can steer emotions of awe and wonder towards reality and scientific understanding. I think this kind of material will start to spread even more in the near future. We are getting enlightened!

I probably got the inspiration to my “poem” from two videos who made the case that the closest things to the gods we ever will experience is is ourselves. I like this idea, it widens your perspective about the opportunities of the future.

Least but last. 


Lets take back religion and make it ours. Lets make todays religion what it was made to be but is not. Lets make religion about hope, truth and foremost about ourselves.

We are the Gods now. Emerged from biology, transcending to technology. The universe becoming aware of itself.

We are the Gods now. Lets better get used to it and do what our superficial Gods did not; act as true Gods.

We are the Gods now. Trully. We master life, we read its code and create new forms. We play with the forces of the universe, the magic of reality. We control energy and all the known elements of the world. We prolong our life spans and approach immortality. We are Gods. Now.

We are the Gods now. The only ones we have ever known. Get used to it. We better get good at it.

We are the Gods now. This is true religion. The only one which will prevail if we are to continue our existence.

We are the Gods now. Lets be religious about reality and our true place in it. Lets choose the true path of Gods.

We are the Gods now. Let us worship the scientific mythology of the human kind, the first rulers of the universe. This, if anything, shall give us true hope.


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